Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign to be launched

3rd August 2017


Dear Supporter

In 2016, Lindis Percy resigned as co-ordinator of the Campaign for the Accountability of American bases (CAAB). She has done a great deal to raise awareness of the unaccountable nature of US military activity in the UK and around the world. Lindis continues her activist work, but does so distinct from CAAB, the organisation she co-founded with Anni Rainbow.

Interested people have continued some of the work which was being done by CAAB. For a number of reasons, it has become necessary to re-launch the campaign and go forward with a successor organisation using a different name. The new organisation will be called the ‘Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign’. The group intends to concentrate on Menwith Hill not only because of its geographical proximity to where many of the group live but also because of its unique role in facilitating the militarisation of space and massive covert harvesting of data.

The Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign will continue to liaise with campaigners at other US bases in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. Members of the group hope to educate themselves about the issues, carry out research, send out regular newsletters, organise regular Tuesday evening demonstrations at Menwith, hold at least two main demonstrations each year (4th July and Keep Space for Peace week) and raise awareness of the existence of the base in as many ways as they can. There will be a new website and new Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Members of the group are very grateful for support you have given to CAAB in the past and hope that you will feel able to continue supporting the campaign to make the activities carried out at Menwith Hill more open and accountable. Please support the Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign (MHAC) in whatever way you can. Donations will be used to fund the newsletter, maintain the website, facilitate meetings and support the demonstrations against the existence of Menwith Hill as a surveillance base run by the US in the UK, without accountability. The group also need and welcome support in kind eg help with Facebook, Twitter, mailing out of newsletters both electronic and physical, and graphic design. Please contact if you can offer help with any of these things or simply want to be kept in contact with MHAC. Questions and suggestions very welcome.

We are working on developing MHAC, until that is complete CAAB contact details can be used. All being well, the new organisation will officially become ‘live’ from 1st September 2017.

On behalf of Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign


Hazel, Sarah & Martin

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