Supporters Meeting at 11am on Thursday 11th February 2021 

What is MHAC doing at present, how do we maintain the campaign with Covid-19 restrictions?

Developing the website - suggestions?

Implications from developments in the Anne Sacoolas extradition situation.

Other activity and concerns.

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The United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) will become law on Friday 22nd January 2021.


Help with planning the next phase of the Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign. 

The agenda will include:

Activity at Menwith Hill

Planning permissions

Peace Witness related to Menwith Hill

22 January 2021, the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.


Maintaining the website.


Meeting to consider what steps we can take to maintain the campaign, particularly while Covid-19 restrictions last.

Agenda will also include:

  • The website

  • Research

  • Treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons (TPNW)

  • Other matters of concern to those present.

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Meeting to plan activities for the Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign.

Because of Covid-19 we are having to meet by Zoom. 

Discussion will include ongoing research, activity at Menwith Hill, awareness raising, fund raising and the MHAC website.

More contributions the better. 

If you want to participate please e-mail and request an invitation to the meeting.


Help us plan the way forward with the work of MHAC.

The discussion will include:

*     Tuesday Evening Demonstrations

*     Research

*     Managing the website

*     Funding

         and other topics of current concern.

The meeting will be held on Zoom. To get your invitation e-mail to 


Keep Space for Peace Week 2020

Look out for event you can join to learn more about this global threat and show support for taking action to address the issue.

Remember the MHAC event at 2pm on 10th October on Zoom. Get your invitation from 


Around the world groups are campaigning to Keep Space for Peace.

The militarisation of space is a huge and dangerous misuse of resources.

Nations investing in the militarisation of space have the illusion that they need to do it because others are doing it. Now is time to stop.

For the Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign we have to start with raising awareness of what is happening at Menwith but doing so in the knowledge that this is a global issue.


Keep Space for Peace Week is approaching, research is being planned and we need to find a safe way of restarting the demonstrations on a Tuesday evening by the main gates. You help is welcome in getting the right ideas.

Please join us for this meeting on Zoom. Just request your link to join the Zoom meeting at: 



This year the Independence from America event will be held on Zoom.

3.30pm on 4th July 2020

News, speakers, music and poetry.

Bring your own chairs and refreshments!

If you want to participate please send an e-mail to